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Personalized Horseshoe Monogram Door Hanger, Kentucky Derby Decor, Custom Wall Accent

Personalized Horseshoe Monogram Door Hanger, Kentucky Derby Decor, Custom Wall Accent

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Introduce a pop of personality to your entrance with our Kentucky Derby Horseshoe Monogram Door Hanger. Shaped like a red horseshoe adorned with a cursive "N" monogram and an eye-catching bow, it's perfect for fans of horse racing, Southern culture enthusiasts, or anyone looking to spruce up their home or office with unique decor. Considered an ideal gift, this piece fits occasions ranging from housewarmings and Christmas celebrations, to marking a new chapter in someone's life. It's sure to charm homeowners who adore bold and vibrant colors.

Your Horseshoe Monogram Door Hanger:

  • Vibrant Red Door Hanger: A bold, horseshoe-shaped door hanger, it stands out because of its appealing, semi-gloss finish color.
  • Personalized Decor: The Central "N" monogram adds a personal touch, satisfying those who prefer customized decor.
  • Flexible Use: It's a versatile piece that can be hung at various places like the front door, entryway, or office entrance.
  • User-Friendly: Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. For prolonging outdoor use, protect it from harsh weather conditions.
  • Customizable Details: You can select the size, monogram letter, paint color on the horseshoe, as well as the chevron and swiss dot ribbon for the bow.

Investing in our Kentucky Derby Horseshoe Monogram Door Hanger isn't just about purchasing a decoration. It's about embracing your personal aesthetic and showcasing it to the world. Whether you're a teacher seeking a classroom addition, a horse lover recognizing your passion, or gifting someone moving into a new home, choosing this horseshoe brings a vibrant, personalized touch to any space. Capture the charm of Southern culture, and make an unforgettable impression right at the doorstep. It's more than just a decor; it's an expression of you.

How long does it take to get my item?

Our current processing times are always kept up to date on our Home Page. That processing time plus the shipping time below gives you the expected number of business days from date ordered to date received. 

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Is it for outdoors? How do I store it?

These are indoor and outdoor pieces, but they do appreciate a little shelter from the elements to stay in pristine condition.

To store them in the off-season, place them in a temperature controlled space to keep the heat from misshaping them (and making you sad when you open next season!). The shipping boxes are great for storing!!

Can you do custom requests?

We want whatever makes your door shine, your house become more welcoming and your guests be wowed.  Have an idea or want to tweak the colors on one of our wreaths?  Contact me at with your ideas!

Can you include a gift note with my order?

We love making you shine to your friends and family so tell us what you want to include! Please leave any information you want in a gift note in the order notes box during checkout. No pricing information will ever be included in your package and a gift note is free of charge.

What about damaged items and returns?

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Given the personalized nature of our products, we do not generally accept returns due to changing one's mind.

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