Orange Pumpkin Shelf Sitter, Brown Mantle Decor Standing 3D Wooden, Ivory Fall Thanksgiving Table Decorations Ornament Wood Home Decor

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Orange Pumpkin Shelf Sitter, Brown Mantle Decor Standing 3D Wooden, Ivory Fall Thanksgiving Table Decorations Ornament Wood Home Decor - Pink Door Wreaths

Hang it Up, Show it Off

These two piece blank wood cutouts are perfectly laser cut pieces made from 1/8" Birch wood. The two layers of pumpkins interlock together before or after painting (or leave them beautifully raw!). All pieces are sanded smooth and do have a dark edge from the laser cut. Wood is not sealed so that you can craft or create with stain, paint, or whatever medium you choose.

This is a listing for pumpkin pieces (each item purchased includes both halves of the pumpkin, which slide together to make one pumpkin). Want something more custom or have questions? Send me a message...we love custom creations!

Please message me with any questions before purchasing. Thank you for looking at all of our listings!!

  • Wood cutout is unfinished and has a darker edge from the laser machine
  • Size chosen is width. Ideal for DIY Projects, Paint Parties, At Home Crafting, Nursery wides, Christmas Tree Décor and so much more
  • Color and grain will vary slightly between each wood piece due to differences in each board used. We always do our best to make each batch as similar as possible.
  • Birch Wood (sold as 0.125" wood but actual measurement is 0.19" thick). Variances sometimes occur in thickness but no more than 0.1"
  • Purchase with confidence on a seller with excellent reviews and over 15,000 purchases from my other selling venues.

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Is it for outdoors? How do I store it?

These are indoor and outdoor pieces, but they do appreciate a little shelter from the elements to stay in pristine condition. To store them in the off-season, place them in a temperature controlled space to keep the heat from misshaping them (and making you sad when you open next season!). The shipping boxes are great for storing!!

Can you do custom requests?

We want whatever makes your door shine, your house become more welcoming and your guests be wowed.  Have an idea or want to tweak the colors on one of our wreaths?  Contact me at with your ideas!

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