He is Risen - Easter Wreath - Purple and Green Decorative Wreath - Church Door Decor

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He is Risen - Easter Wreath - Purple and Green Decorative Wreath - Church Door Decor

Hang it Up, Show it Off

Unveil the true spirit of Easter with our Purple, Green and White Easter Wreath, complete with the striking sign, "He is Risen". Every detail of this majestic wreath, from Jesus' purple cloth draped over the cross to the vibrant lilies, symbolizes resurrection and renewal. This wreath is the perfect adornment for churches, Easter decorators, or any lady desiring a festive yet subtle Easter décor for her home. With its divine elegance, this Easter wreath would make a thoughtful gift for a new church, recently ordained pastor, or a wreath-loving decorator.


Your He Is Risen Wreath:

  • Handsomely crafted from high-quality deco mesh and wired ribbon to create a charming piece of decor that is sturdy and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Dual-tone color palette: A delightful blend of primary purple and secondary shades of green, white and gold, presenting a visually enchanting wreath.
  • Perfectly proportioned: At 24 inches around and approximately 5 inches deep, this wreath is a stunning statement piece without being overpoweringly large.
  • Flexible centerpiece: Fed up with the sign? No problem! The centerpiece can easily be removed, tailoring the look to suit your interior or mood.
  • Versatile usage: Whether it's hung on your front door, in the entryway, over the mantle, or making a striking first impression at your office entrance, this wreath can be displayed anywhere and withstand both indoor and outdoor use (with protection against harsh weather conditions).

Celebrate Easter in style with our beautiful Easter wreath. Every detail ensures that the Spirit of Easter is prominently displayed and solemnly respected, making it an exquisite addition to your Easter decorations. Its versatile design and striking details will add grace and color, no matter where you choose to showcase our wreath. With utter reverence to the holy narrative, and a knack for aesthetics, this Easter wreath is more than just decor - it's a celebration of life, of resurrection, and of divinity.

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