The Best Spring Home Decor Ideas for 2020

The Best Spring Home Decor Ideas for 2020

Depending on where you are in the world, it might be hard to imagine that Spring is on the way while you are still bundled up in front of the fireplace. But it's true! Spring will be here before we know it. I don't know about you, but Spring has always been my favorite season, and I've rounded up the best Spring home decor ideas for 2020!

Get yourself in the mood for Spring flowers and nicer weather by decorating your home.

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Spring Home Decor Ideas

Floral Patterns

When we think about Spring, what first springs (no pun intended) to mind is brighter pastel colors, flowers, and Easter. The great thing about floral patterns is that they can really work any time of year, though!

the best spring home decor ideas

This Christopher Knight Home Accent Chair fits the spring vibe perfectly, and it's under $100. And, for a simpler touch of Spring, grab a set of these throw cushions that are available in 12 beautiful and bright color options!

Another beautiful sign of Spring? Birds! This 4-piece wall art set just screams Springtime!


Bold Pops of Color

After a possibly long and cold Winter, bright pops of color in your home decor are a great way to put you in a better mood and generally just cheer up your space!

the best spring home decor ideas

One of our most popular Springtime wreaths is this brightly colored one that is a bold mix of pink, lime green, yellow, and white.

Decorate your walls with these metal flower sculptures in bright colors! Perfect for any wall in your house.

Yellow is a gorgeous and bold pop of color, and this table is sure to be a star of the show!

Fresh flowers are great, but what if you don't have a green thumb? Artificial flowers to the rescue, like this fake peony vase.

Add a touch of Spring decor to your kitchen with this kitchen tea towel set.


Outdoor Spring Decorating Ideas

When it comes to home decor, don’t forget about outdoor decor, especially for Springtime. It’s time to get your flowers planted and your yard work done, so here are a few options for outside decor items for Spring, too.

the best spring home decor ideas

An adorable wooden wagon as an outdoor planter. This one is available in blue, green or red and is less than $30!

Our popular Easter wreath is an awesome option to hang on your front door. Every time you walk up your front steps and put your key in the door, you'll be flooded with Spring memories!

Welcome Spring officially by hanging a garden flag outside your home! And don't forget to hang a handmade nesting ball to invite the birds to your backyard, too.


Do you decorate for the seasons in your home? What is your favorite season? Please share with us and let us know!


Best Spring Home Decor Ideas


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