How to Brighten Up Your Front Door For Spring or Summer

Dana Midkiff

It’s been a long and hard last 12 months, hasn’t it? I love using bright colors to brighten up my front door for Spring and Summer, but especially this year. As everyone is spending more and more time at home, home decor and home improvements become more and more popular. And, as springtime rolls around in most parts of the world, I thought I would share some awesome ideas for brightening up your front door for Spring or Summer.

Making your front door or porch a welcoming place and focal point is great for curb appeal and any visiting guests. It helps you set the mood and energy as soon as they walk up to the door.

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1) Front Door Wreaths

Spring and Summer Wreaths

Our Spring and Summer wreath collections are filled with beautiful bright colors that will liven up any front porch and add to your home decor. Our collections usually sell out fast, so make sure you grab your favorite wreath soon for the season! 

2) Paint Your Front Door

Front Door Paint Colors

Changing your front door’s color is simple and easy to do but makes a huge impact on your entryway and curb appeal. I’ve saved some of my most inspirational front door colors to give you some ideas, and this paint is one of the best to use for exteriors!


3) Change Up Your House Number Sign

There are so many options for changing up your house number sign. If you have one that hangs on the front of your home, it might be a generic-looking one that’s been there since your house was built. But, there are so many options for replacing your house number sign with something a bit more modern and eye-pleasing.


4) Flowers and Greenery

Using flowers and greenery to give your front door area a pop of color is perfect for Spring and Summer. Here are a few of my favorite outdoor flower pot picks from Amazon:


How to Decorate Your Front Door for Spring and Summer



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