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7 Tips for Hosting an Amazing Thanksgiving Dinner

It’s almost Thanksgiving! The team here at Pink Door Wreaths loves any holiday celebration, but Thanksgiving dinners with all the beautiful Fall decor is just extra special. It is the day to be thankful, after all. We’ve rounded up 7 tips for hosting an amazing Thanksgiving dinner for your family and friends, especially if it is your first time hosting Thanksgiving dinner!

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Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner

Hosting an Amazing Thanksgiving Dinner

1) Do Your Shopping Ahead of Time

Planning and being prepared ahead of time is essential for a relaxing and stress-free Thanksgiving dinner. Make a cooking plan, figure out all the ingredients you'll need for all of your delicious recipes, and get shopping early!

Having all of your groceries purchased ahead of time allows you to focus on the actual cooking and mingling on the actual day itself.

2) Meal Prep for Thanksgiving Food

There is meal prep you can do for your Thanksgiving food.

Bake any desserts a day or two before, cut up ingredients for your side dishes the day before, and prepare any cold salads, like these 35 Thanksgiving salad ideas!

3) Prepare Your Table and Fall Decor the Day Before

Your decor and table settings can be simple, you don’t have to go too big or over budget to have a beautiful tablescape and home that feels like Fall. Hang one of our wreaths on your front door for an inviting first impression.


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4) Don’t Forget the Beverages

Make sure you have enough beverages on hand for both adults and kids. The best idea is placing drinks in decorative tubs or buckets around other areas of your home so guests can easily access them as needed. The worst thing is trying to cook a massive dinner in your kitchen and tripping over guests who are constantly going in the fridge for a beverage!

5) Keep in Mind Food Allergies, Restrictions, and Intolerances

Ask ahead of time if anyone attending your Thanksgiving dinner has any food allergies, restrictions, and intolerances. If you have someone vegan, for example, coming to your dinner, you want to make sure you have several food options available to them.

6) Thanksgiving Dinner Leftovers

Who doesn’t love Thanksgiving leftovers? If your dinner party is big enough, you might be left with a ton of leftovers. So many that they might not even all fit in your fridge, so one tip is to have enough containers on hand that you can send some leftovers home with your guests to enjoy.

7) Enjoy Yourself

Hosting Thanksgiving dinner can be a challenge, but it's important to remember that while you are the host, you also want to make time to enjoy yourself. Ask for help in the kitchen and take some time out in the day to really be in the moment and enjoy spending time with your family and friends. Hosting doesn't have stressful, and if you follow the rest of our tips above to plan and prepare as much as possible, you should be able to enjoy yourself more easily.


Tips for Hosting an Awesome Thanksgiving Dinner

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