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5 Christmas Fireplace Mantle Decor Ideas and Inspiration

If you are lucky enough to have a beautiful fireplace in your home, dressing up the mantle with seasonal decor is one of the best ways to decorate your home for the holidays! The best decor incorporates a lot of different elements that tie together beautifully.

Aren’t the holidays the best time of year to get all those decorations out of storage or your basement and decorate like crazy? Christmas decorations just seem to get us more into the holiday spirit and provide us with seasonal joy!

We’ve rounded up 5 ideas to decorate your fireplace mantle for Christmas! This should give you some creative inspiration to either change up your mantle decor, or, if this is your first time in a new home with a fireplace, make it count!

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Holiday Fireplace Mantle Home Decor


1. Pick a Theme or Style

When picking a theme or style, it’s important to think about the overall style of your home. If your home and furniture are all modern, you might not want to do a farmhouse style fireplace. While you want your beautiful styling and decor to stand out, that might make it stand out a bit too much and make the room look awkward.

No matter what the theme or style you choose, you’ll likely need to start with a garland or a Christmas banner.


2. Choose a Color Scheme

While Christmas colors are generally red, green, and white, you don't need to stick to those colors for your holiday decor! There are so many more unique color options that you choose to style your holiday decorations with, like this beautiful aqua blue 16” Christmas tabletop tree. Go bold with some blues, yellows, pinks, golds. There is no rule here that you have to stick with the traditional Christmas colors!


3. Hang Your Stockings

Does anyone who has a gorgeous fireplace not use it to hang stockings on for Christmas? Probably not, it’s a traditional Christmas look for any home that has one! If this is a new home, however, make sure you get some metal stocking holders to use to easily hang your stockings without damaging your fireplace.


Christmas Fireplace Mantle Decor Ideas

4. Hang a Wreath


Holiday Fireplace Mantle Home Decor

Hanging a beautiful Christmas wreath above your fireplace as a focal point is one of the easiest ways to pull all of your mantle holiday decorations together. Here are a few of our Christmas wreaths that you can purchase via Amazon Prime (unless they’ve sold out in the meantime, they tend to go quickly!):


5. Make it Personalized

There are many personalized options available from Amazon Handmade artisans, too, that would look beautiful on your mantle. From custom name stockings, stocking name tags (and hey, don’t forget one for your dog also!), or an engraved tray for some Christmas mason jar decor.


It's the most wonderful time of the year, and we hope these ideas have sparked some creative inspiration for your holiday home decor! Share in the comments, do you have a fireplace mantle that you decorate for the holidays every year?


Christmas Fireplace Mantle Decor Ideas and Inspiration


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